What Readers Say

"a highway odyssey … in the staggering natural beauty of the American moment … This is the stuff of truly living." ~ Tom Scarborough - Cotdam

"very engaging and easy to read" ~ JoAnne Phipps

"written in a fun and light-hearted way … It's like an addiction. When I start reading, I can't stop!" ~ Ines Roelandt

"love your book and love how your website complements the amazing travel story you tell. You're an inspiration..." ~  An Staels

"The book is beautifully written. Each chapter is a new adventure to stop and have a cup of coffee and sit with Jackie and Luc by the campfire." ~ Robin Decker

"The book really brings you right along on an epic adventure." ~ Mike Nelson

"What a great roadmap of cool places to see." ~ Libby Rae Watson

"been reading a few entries every night before bed. It's relaxing and ejoyable." ~ Marianne Raley